My Priorities

Accountability to Voters. Elitists in Columbus and Washington, D.C. who cannot hear the voice of everyday, rural Ohio families are just not listening. Ohio’s small towns and agricultural communities are society’s backbone. Our families, local communities, and civil organizations give Ohio its vibrancy—and our State Constitution grants us a voice equal to that of every other district.

Making Ohio Economically Competitive. Ohio has every reason to become the best place in America to raise a family, have a job, and run a business. To achieve this for our children and grandchildren, we must think strategically toward becoming regionally and nationally competitive. That doesn’t mean changing our character or resorting to a crony system of corporate handouts. It means preserving our character by ensuring the following:

  • low taxes
  • fair and simple regulatory environments
  • attention to transportation infrastructure
  • effective schools that serves families, supports teachers, and let administrators make sound decisions
  • a fair judicial system that protects companies and individuals from junk law suits
  • a health care system not burdened with dictates from Washington, D.C.

Renewing Ohio’s Optimist Spirit. Our citizens owe themselves a healthy, prosperous state that invests in future generations. We do this by creating new potential for graduates, honoring hard work, and rewarding high achievement. We need local leaders to stand up to discouragements like violence, vandalism, and drug abuse. We need a culture that protects family, marriage, mothers, and fathers. By recognizing that communities supportive of intact, healthy, thriving families are the best environments in which to raise our children, we will renew Ohio as a place we are proud to call home.