Congressman Jim Jordan (OH-4)

“I’ve known Wes Goodman for nearly a decade. For much of that time he was a part of our team, helping me serve the families and taxpayers of our part of Ohio. Today, I proudly endorse Wes in his campaign for the Ohio House of Representatives. I’ve seen firsthand Wes’s commitment to fighting for our conservative values and principles. He has the character, experience, and passion to serve the families and taxpayers of our part of Ohio in the Statehouse. I hope you will join me in supporting Wes, a new bold, energetic conservative leader for Ohio!”

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Republican Liberty Caucus

“The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio takes endorsements very seriously. While we recommend candidates in many races who support liberty on-balance, Wes Goodman was one of only five candidates state-wide who model what we want to see from every Republican candidate for legislative office–a principled leader who understands what it means to champion individual liberty, personal responsibility, and smaller, more accountable, government.”

– Bill Yarbrough, Chairman, RLCOH

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Citizen’s for Community Values Action PAC

“Wes is a passionate leader! As a true conservative, he will be very proactive and not reactive. We need outspoken, strong voices representing us in Columbus. Wes will be that leader!”

– Bucyrus Pastor JC Church

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Ohio’s Family First PAC

“Wes Goodman is a rock-solid conservative who has fought for our shared conservative values for years. He will represent the 87th District with honesty and integrity.”



Ohio Pro-Life Action

“Wes Goodman is a tested pro-life stalwart in our estimation.  We have had the pleasure to get to know Wes on many pro-life issues during his tenure with Congressman Jordan, and anticipate similar things from him in the future in the Ohio House.”

– Linda Theis, President of OPLA.

“We are confident that pro-life voters in the 87th District can rest assured that Wes Goodman will work diligently to advance the right to life for all Ohioans, both born and unborn.”

– Barry Sheets, OPLA Secretary and legislative director.



Ohio’s Conservative Republican Leadership Committee

“We enthusiastically endorse Wes Goodman in his run for the Ohio House of Representatives. His deep roots in the district and nearly a decade of experience as a champion of conservative principles and values make Wes the clear choice for voters in Ohio’s 87th House District.”



Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio

“The Associated Builders and Contractors, also known as the voice of construction, endorse Wes Goodman for state representative for his steadfast support of free market principles where a limited government remains neutral in the market place. Ohio’s workers and taxpayers need right to work, prevailing wage reform, and an end to mandatory union only project labor agreements. Wes Goodman will work to make these wins for our workers and our future.”



Ohio Citizens’ PAC

“Our main criteria for endorsement is to select conservative citizen representatives who will put the interests of the people before their own interests and those of any special interests. We are convinced that Wes Goodman will truly be a representative for all the residents of the 87th House District and not just the party and big-monied special interests in Columbus. It is time to return the ‘People’s House’ to the people and the Ohio Citizen’s PAC encourages all liberty-minded citizens to vote for Wes Goodman for State Representative on March 15th!

Wes Goodman will vote based on real Republican values and principles. We trust Wes to use his experience in government to get things done without the need to compromise his principles to do it. The voters will have no remorse down the road if they elect Wes. If citizens want a return to representative governance, we ask them to not only vote for, but also donate to and work to elect Wes in the March 15th primary. With our endorsement we pledge to do everything in our power to help Wes get elected to office.”



Ohio Right to Life

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